Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Trip to the Movies!

Last week we decided to take the boys to their very first movie, Despicable Me 2! They LOVE Despicable Me. I'll admit it...I do too! It's such a cute movie. 

First, we swung by Target thinking they would have some plush minions or something but all they had are these itty, bitty plastic minions that are seriously about 1" tall. Can you spot them in the picture below?

Obligatory shot in front of the movie poster:
Inside the theatre:

Brayden did great. He climbed up in my lap because he had a hard time keeping his seat down (I guess they don't have the child boosters at this theatre) and we ate popcorn and watched the movie. Brody did okay...occasionally he sat with Brayden and I, then with Chris, then back to his seat, then he patted the dad in front of us on the head, then back to me, and so on. I think once he's a little older he will really enjoy it. 

The movie was really cute! Have you seen it?

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