Monday, August 26, 2013

*Officially* a Soccer Mom

It seems crazy, but the time has finally come.

I. Am. A. Soccer. Mom.

Something I didn't expect was to also be a coaches wife but I'll get to that in a minute. Ha!

We decided to sign Brayden up for soccer through our city. He was so, so, SO excited about it! Over the last couple of weeks, we bought his gear and got a practice net/goal/thingy for the backyard (can you tell I've never played soccer?). He's had a great time playing around in the yard and getting ready for the season to start.

Meanwhile my good friend Lindsey (who took the first two pictures below, thanks Linds!) also signed her son Brayden up for soccer. We were conspiring to get them on the same team, but that isn't actually allowed unless the parents are coaches. None of the four of us have ever played soccer and Chris and Drew (Lindsey's husband) are both busy with work, so we decided not to. Time went by and we kept getting emails from the city saying they didn't have enough coaches for the 1300 kids that had signed up, so our sweet husbands stepped up to the plate and decided to take on the task!

The other night was "Meet the Team" night. Our city did a great job with organizing the event, and they had some fun bounce houses and snow cones for the kids!

Here's my Brayden, Lindsey's Brayden and Lind's middle son Connor:

Brody was off playing and missed that pic but thankfully Lindsey caught this one on camera. How adorable is this? She is such a talented photographer too!

He wasn't old enough to play this year but next year he may be old enough for their kick starter program! I brought a ball and practice net to the first practice for Brody and Connor to play with so they felt like they were big too. ;-)

Saturday was our first practice. I have to give it to Chris and Drew. They did an awesome job! The kids especially enjoyed playing "kick the coach!" Go figure!

It's weird and cool at the same time to be at this stage of life. It seems like just yesterday Brayden was at ACH and now here he is, playing team sports, completely healthy and strong. It's amazing and wonderful and I am beyond thankful to God to have both of my sweet boys!
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