Monday, December 9, 2013

Crazy Hair and Crazy Lights

I reaaaally wanted to get some of those bokeh type Christmas tree pictures, so when we came back in the house after playing in the snow on Saturday I decided to try. I'm still learning how to shoot in manual on my Canon 60d and I take more terrible pictures than good ones but at least I'm trying!

This is Brody after removing his two hats and playing in the snow:

And Brayden and his big toothless grin:

Their hair cracks me up. Everyone is always telling me that my kids look identical. I kid you not, every single time they are in my double BOB people ask me if they're twins which gets me because I don't think they look that similar! But their hair is undeniably different. While similar in color, Brayden's hair is like wire and has a thousand and one cowlicks (cowlicks are thanks to me) and Brody's is almost wavy (also thanks to me) and thick (definitely from Chris).
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