Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY: Christmas Tree Barrel Stand

This year I wanted to do something different with our tree. We'd been using the no-sew ruffled burlap tree skirt I made (tutorial for that is here) for the last couple of years, but I wanted a change.

I was browsing Pottery Barn and Ballards magazines and saw these cute barrel tree stands but they were ridiculously priced (think around $150). I showed Chris the picture and he said he could make one for way less than that and he did. 

In fact ours cost a whopping $35!

A big thanks to my husband for sharing this tutorial!

Here's how he did it:

Equipment needed:

Purchase a barrel from your local garden store. Ours had one left!
Leftover stain
Tree stand (the one that comes with your fake tree)
2' by 2' piece of MDF or plywood - whatever you have leftover from other projects
One 4' long 2x4
1 12x12 concrete paver
Nail gun or finishing nails
4 bolts that are 3" long by 1/4" thick
8 washers
4 nuts
Power saw/hacksaw

How to:

Place paver in the bottom of the barrel.

Cut a 2x4 to sit on top of the paver touching side to side. Nail through the barrel into the 2x4.

Repeat with another piece of 2x4 to make an X shape over the paver. Nail this piece in as well.

Measure the height of your tree stand. Let's say it's 4". Add 2" to that number and make a mark on the inside of the barrel 6" down. (Another example: If your stand is 3" tall you would add 2" and mark 5" down).

At that mark, measure across the barrel to get the diameter from that exact point across the inside of the barrel. Divide that number in half. Put a nail in the center of your piece of MDF/plywood and attach a piece of string that measures out to that half length. Attach a pencil to the other end and use to draw a circle on the plywood. You should end up with a circle that will fit right down inside of your barrel.

Take your tree stand and place it over the circle (which you have NOT yet put into the barrel). Use your saw of choice to cut off the ends of the stand that do not fit within the circle.

Next, use your drill to drill through the new ends of the tree stand and through the wood. Do this about 3" up from the end of the leg. Put a washer through the bolt and then put the bolt through both holes. The put a washer and nut on the other nut. Tighten it down. Repeat on 3 remaining legs.

Move the entire thing into the barrel and level it. Use a hammer to tap it into place taking care to make sure it is completely level from all angles. Use finishing nails to secure the barrel from the outside. Use 1 nail every 2.5"to make sure it's very secure.

Stain the barrel. Let dry overnight.

The next day, check to make sure stain is completely dry. I used 2 bags of fake snow to fill in the top of mine!

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