Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chores for Toddlers

I feel it's my duty as a mom of boys to raise them up right for their future wives. ;-)

I'm so lucky that I have a husband who helps me daily around the house. There is no chore that he won't do, and some he does a better job on than I do. For example, you will never see me iron anything because I am HORRIBLE at it. On Saturday nights, he asks if I need anything ironed for church the next morning.

There are so many chores that toddlers can help out with and I'm of the belief that if you start them off young, they will just always be used to doing things to help out. So, I've got some age appropriate chore ideas of my own below, and I'd love for you to leave your ideas in the comments!

Move the furniture!

When I'm vacuuming my guys will go in front of me and move things out of the way (like the ottoman in the family room, their chairs at the dining table etc) so that I can vacuum underneath them. They love when I give them individual tasks as well, like, "Brody, move the toy telescope" or "Brayden, grab the other vacuum attachment for me."

Arrange the pillows!

We have 11 decorative pillows in the family room that either get moved, used for a fort, tossed on the floor or otherwise displaced throughout the day. Each pillow has a specific place (they're different patterns) and at the end of the day, the boys get to put them back where they go.

Clear your plate!

After each meal, the kids clean off their plate, put it in the sink and put their milk back in the fridge. We don't leave plates around for mom to come clean up after!

Help with the dishwasher!

This is one of Brayden's favorites. He loves stacking up the kids plates and helping put silverware away. I always do the knives but he is great with the forks and spoons!

The playroom is YOUR room!

We have a playroom adjacent to the family room. All of their toys and movies are kept there and now that they are 3 & 5, it's their responsibility to pick up after themselves. There is a ton of storage in there and everything has it's own place. They know where everything goes and if they want to play, then they have to keep the playroom neat. I don't allow many toys in their bedrooms because that is where they are supposed to sleep only, but what they do have in there, they have to keep picked up.


Each morning when the boys change into their clothing, they are responsible for taking their pajamas to the dirty clothes basket. When I do laundry, they love helping load the washer, move the clean clothing to the dryer and even fold small towels.

There are lots of other things the boys like to help out with. They always help me bring in the groceries and "cook" but these are the things they do most commonly.

What chores do your toddlers do? 
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