Friday, January 3, 2014

What face moisturizer do you love??

I'm still working on my Disney tips post, and I've got some fun cookie recipes coming your way, but I interrupt my normal blogging pattern to ask a very serious question.

What face moisturizer do you love?

My skin has become very sensitive and I can't find a good face moisturizer to use that doesn't burn, make me red and blotchy or break me out. Does anyone else have this issue? If so, what do you use?

I went to my dermatologist a few months ago and she started me on a moisture serum and lotion but after spending a ridiculous amount of money for these products, I still had all of the above problems which was seriously irritating.

I've been reading reviews on Sephora's website but I'm hesitant to pull the trigger because there's never more than 1 person with the same issues I have reviewing them it seems.

So, can you leave me your favorite product recommendations in the comments?

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