Thursday, March 19, 2015

Excursions in Mexico

I'm back with another post about our trip to Mexico!

Our plan was to just relax for once. Whenever we go on a trip, we usually wear ourselves out doing any and every activity we can find, but we thought we'd do things a little differently this time.

We only ventured out from the resort twice: First, to go to Xplor park, and then to visit Mayakoba Golf Course.

First up is Xplor! This is a fun day out! You buy a ticket which allows you to ride the amphibious vehicles (below) twice, go through the ziplines course twice, and do the hammock swing and swim and kayak through the underground caves as often as you want. 

You each get a locker and key so that you can store your belongings safely. It's also considered to be "all inclusive" meaning you'll get all the food and drinks you want while there. PS for those who are curious - There is no alcohol there for obvious reasons!

We made a mistake in letting our transportation company book this for us. First, I think we could've gotten our tickets cheaper had we bought them online. Second, they wanted us to stay there from 8am to 5pm. Um, no. Even though there is a lot to do, once you've used your turns on the zipline and vehicles, things get a bit boring. We finished up in about 3 hours, and that includes eating lunch. We ended up calling a cab and going back to the resort, which means we still had to pay for the prearranged travel.

I would recommend finding a transportation company that will book a half day trip!

Next up, Chris was going stir crazy and decided to golf at Mayakoba. He is an avid golfer and has played at some really awesome and historical courses, so our expectations were high. I don't usually golf, but I do bring a book and drive the cart. ;-)

I have to say that we were really disappointed with the course. It wasn't in the best shape, the people in the pro shop were really snobby and there were huge wooden walls erected which blocked most of the ocean views because they're building a new resort onsite.

Overall, Chris said he was not a fan and would never go back to this course. =(

No matter - we still had so much fun being together and I always enjoy driving a golf cart! Ha!

Also, I had some emails asking if we visited the town...the answer is no, we didn't. However, I met some really nice people who did visit the town of Playa Del Carmen and they absolutely loved it! They said they felt very safe and that there were some really, really nice restaurants! If we go back, this will definitely be something we do!
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