Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mexico Part 2: Location & Beach Experience

This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not compensated anything or given any perks/discount to write about the resort/activities. 

Hi again!

I'm back with the second post on our Mexico trip. If you missed the first post, I talked all about the all inclusive resort we picked. The room was beautiful, so be sure to check that post out!

Today, I'm going to talk about the location of the resort and the beach!

When you're traveling to the Mayan Riviera, one of the most discussed topics I saw online was the beach. Some beaches are rocky, others are fine sand. Some are littered with seaweed and others are crystal clear water.

First, figure out what's most important to you. We don't usually swim in the ocean (actually, I never swim in the ocean because I really don't like the ocean to begin with!) so the beach quality was less important to us.

Here was our list of important qualities:

- Beautiful room (click to see pictures)
- All inclusive
- Adults only
- Shaded areas on the beach (I don't tan, I burn)
- Swim up pool (we like to swim, just not in the ocean)
- Somewhat close to the airport

So based on that, we ended up at a resort that doesn't have pristine, white sand beaches, however, it was perfect for us!

My favorite beach feature was the beach bed:

The El Dorado Casitas in nestled right in-between the El Dorado Generations (which is family friendly) and the El Dorado Royal (adults only, much louder and more active). The Casitas is where you go if you want peace and quiet! We never had any trouble getting a beach bed, which is something I saw mentioned on Trip Advisor for almost every other resort that offers them.

A beach waiter will come out and check on you periodically to take drink and food orders or get anything else you may need.

The beach itself as well as the water in this area has a lot of seaweed, which you can see below. The hotel has a group of men that start early each morning digging a hole in the sand and burying the seaweed. I felt so terrible for them...it's a never ending job, and frankly, it could've been done much more quickly and efficiently using a Bobcat, but I digress.

If you're plan is to walk along the beach, or just sit and relax then the seaweed isn't a problem. We took several walks in the area and laid out quite a lot as well, and loved it.

Also, the beach over on the Royale side tends to be a little better. Casitas guests are allowed to go to both the Generations beach and the Royale beach (though they are not allowed on the Casitas beach as the goal of the Casitas is tranquility and both of the other resorts have many more people). If beach activities and being around a lot of people is important to you, just walk down to that side.

The El Dorado Royale's beach:

Another important aspect of the Casitas was its proximity to the airport. I think it was only a 20 minute ride, which was great! Some of the other guests were going an hour or more away in a hot van! No thanks!

A quick note on the airport...if you've arranged transportation to your hotel, walk straight out the doors! There are timeshare people EVERYWHERE once you get through customs. They will try to trick you into thinking you need to talk to them in order to leave but it's just a gimmick. If you go out the main doors the travel companies (AmStar etc) are outside with signs telling you where to go to catch your van or bus.

If I missed anything regarding the beach or the location, let me know in the comments or send me an email at EmailJennasJourney@ Gmail . com. Also, like I mentioned before, we used an awesome travel agent and we saved 34% off of the best deal I could find online as well as the deals from other travel agents that priced out our trip. Email me if you'd like their contact info.
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