Friday, March 6, 2015

Mexico: Our Resort in the Mayan Riviera

I was NOT compensated in any way for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

We're back!

Since my first post asking for advice on traveling to Mexico, I've had so many of you email me asking where we decided to stay! After I shared that, I've had a ton of emails asking what I thought about our resort. We just got back yesterday (at 1am!) and I've been working on this post all afternoon. Eventually, I decided there was just WAY too much info for one post...literally, you wouldn't believe how long it was before I broke it up. 

So, today I'm going to talk about our room since there were lots of questions about just that one topic. I'm also going to address the food and all inclusive amenities, the location, the beach and the other activities we did offsite. Meanwhile, if you're curious about anything else, you can email me or leave a comment here! 

So, we were at the El Dorado Casitas Royale in the Mayan Riviera. Our room was a swim-up casita. 

If you look at maps of the resort online, you'll see that the casitas are in groups that form half circles around pools. There are four casitas rooms in one building. This is what the outside of a building looks like:

And here is the back of the casitas. This is where our swim up area was. You can hop in the water and swim over to a big pool with a swim up bar and it faces the ocean.

Now, for the inside! This is the bedroom area. The little piece of wall to the far right of the picture is the wall going into the bathroom. See where the closet door is open below? For the next picture, that is where I'll be standing.

Here is a view of the sitting area, table, coffee counter and soaker tub, as well as the doors that lead to our porch and swim out.

A better view of the soaker tub and tv area:

The sink area of the bathroom:

The indoor shower:

And the outdoor shower:

The room was very, very nice. This area of Mexico is really humid but the AC unit in the room was wonderful - we were always nice and cool. There is also a mini bar in under where the TV is located that is restocked often. Additionally (and I'll address this in the food post) there is room service available and included with your booking. 

My overall rating of this room is a 9 out of 10. The only thing that I didn't like was the furniture, as silly as that sounds. The couch and chairs were (to me) uncomfortable and we spent a lot of time each day sitting there and face timing our kids! Also, it was very dark in our particular room which made it a bit difficult to put on my makeup, talk on the phone to the kids etc. 

Next up, I'll be talking about the food at the resort! Stay tuned! Also, if you're interested in staying here, send me an email. We found an unbeatable deal with a travel agent and I can send you their name/website info.
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