Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The In-Laws Kitchen Remodel

This weekend Chris was a busy man! We went to Van Buren to stay with his stepmom and dad while he remodeled their kitchen. When they found out that I was pregnant FIL really started pushing to move up here to be closer to us. Unfortunately, he's not overly handy (sorry Rodney!) so Chris has volunteered to help them update their home for resale. They built their house right before we built ours, so it's not old (4 yrs) but we wanted to make theirs stand out from the rest of their track.

We didn't have a big budget but as a designer I was thinking about the high impact projects, and what sells a home. We found granite tile on sale (reg $7 a tile, on sale for $2 a tile) and so we decided to rip out the blue laminate countertops and replace them with granite tile (which no one in their neighborhood has) and also, to add crown molding to the top of the cabinets. We also updated their sink and added a small breakfast bar area.

You can see the old blue countertops here:

A before pic of the tops of the cabinets:

The new granite bar area:
The new counters:

The new molding (it wasn't painted yet in this pic)

Total cost for the WHOLE project? LESS than $400! My hubby is so very talented! A couple of months ago he tiled their master shower too! We have a new more projects on the list and I'll post pics as he does them!

So...that is what we (and by we I mean he) did this weekend! What about you? Have you done any remodels lately? What's the biggest project you've tackled?


Kelly said...

I would be terrified to ever remodel anything. :-)
Chris did a GREAT job. I'm too chicken to even paint a room. I'm going to hire someone to paint our nursery because I don't want to mess it up.

Megan L Hutchings said...

There is nothing better than having a husband that is HANDY! Chris did a GREAT job!

In 2006 Web and his good friend built an AWESOME deck around my MIL's pool! It took all summer...

Pam said...

He did a great job! I would remodel something everyweek if I could afford it. Bathroom is next on our list!

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