Friday, June 26, 2009

Is B Well?

Lately, I've had a lot of people asking me "Is B well?" or "Is B 100%?". So I wanted to take a moment and address that.

B is doing really well. He is still on one medication for reflux and one prescription for his silent aspiration (the formula thickener).
In September, we go back to Children's Hospital for a "swallow study." If you followed our story while B was in the NICU, you may remember that test. Basically, they take a movie x-ray and watch B swallow his formula. What they had found in February was that thin formula (water consistency) was going into his lungs, not his stomach. That's why I have to thicken his Similac.
So, in September we will repeat that study and hopefully find that he is no longer aspirating. If that is the result, then he will be a "normal" baby and be able to take his liquids in their regular state.
I want to add a prayer request to this post...not for B, but for a couple who we met down at Childrens named Amanda and William. Their baby Joseph was born with many, many problems. He was sent home during our 4th week at ACH, only to return a few days later as Joseph had developed RSV. They finally went home again, and now they are back. Joseph is losing weight and fighting an un-diagnosed infection. He is in isolation at this time with his very scared mother.
Please pray for this precious baby. If you want to email them some encouragement, you can do that here:


Lea Liz said...

Glad he is doing so well!!!!

He looks so cute in that picture! Ilove those polo shoes, I have some in pink and white. Where did you find them???

Jill said...

He seriously is one of the cutest little guys. :)

Praying for your friend!!

Cameron and Rachel said...

Glad to see he is doing so well!

I LOVE the look on his face in this picture....too cute!

Lianna Knight said...

So glad Brayden is doing so well. Definitely praying for your friend and her baby...

Momma Bird said...

I am a speech therapist who works with patients with swallowing issues all the time. So, I am curious, does B have a speech therapist working with him on his swallow or do they hope it was wa result of his issues in the hospital and that he will "grow out of it?" I also wonder if he will take "normal" formula eventually as thickener really changes the taste of things...have they talked about gradually backing off the thickener (once he is cleared) so he gets used to the
"new" taste? Just interesting to me as this is my job :)

Anonymous said...

Iam Glad his is okay
He looks so cute

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