Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jewelry Palooza

I did a little shopping yesterday at two places that I've never bought jewelry from.

Most of the jewelry I got was $4.80 a piece (gasp!) and I found it all at Forever 21 (which I rarely shop at - which explains why I was so shocked!).

Everything except the peach and turquoise flower rings and the turquoise earrings came from there. The other three pieces came from Masons.

I rarely wear costume jewelry - I should rephrase that. I rarely take the time to put on anything out of my normal routine. I sleep in my wedding set and a right hand ring my mom got me as well as any necklace I might have put on. The only thing I usually remember to add is my watch and now my David Yurman bracelet Chris got me for Mothers Day.

So this was out of the box for me. I found some great things that I really like though. So what jewelery do you wear and where do you get it?


Michelle said...

Super cute jewelry Jenna!!! I too am guilty of not wearing much other then the gifts I've received from my husband. I'm going to have to check out Forever 21. Fun stuff for summer.

~Michelle from Iowa

Abby said...

Cute stuff! I love getting good deals! I enjoy costume jewelry. The bigger my right hand ring, the better! I did a post a couple weeks ago about the fun jewelry I got at For Love 21 (Forever 21's accessory store) and Charlotte Russe! I love when things are only $ makes them so much better. :) I also find fun rings at Pier 1...weird I know. And I have some great necklaces from Loft!

The Coach's Wife said...

I love jewelry. I have a lot of jewelry from Sam Moons!!! I love that place. It's in Texas and I haven't been in a while, but I plan on going while I'm there for a week or so. I also have been making my own jewelry and I love doing that. It is kinda my relaxer!

KAC said...

So cute! I love F21 jewelry but haven't been back in a while...might have to check it out again!!

Shannon said...

Very cute!

I wear my wedding set, right hand ring and watch regularly. I try to be "trendy" will necklaces and earrings. :) I'm not too big on jewelry.

Liberty Ruffles said...

I very rarely comment here but I have got to tell you to find some Premier Designs jewelry. They have a lot of designer inspired pieces and are very affordable. The company is awesome and if it breaks by any default of the manufacturer they will replace it for the life of the piece. Can you tell I sell it? You can find someone in your area, or I can send you a catalog by mail. The catalogs are fun to look at anyway. Let me know and I can slip one in the mail.

Kendra said...

Oh my gosh, please don't judge me but I honestly get most of my jewelry for Claire's!! It's like Forever 21 but CHEAPER!! HA!

tootie said...

Good finds! I rarely buy jewelry (I don't wear much except my wedding ring), but when I do it's usually on the cheaper side. Now I will have to keep F21 in mind for jewelry!

Meg said...

We aren't allowed to wear jewelry in the hospital, it the hospital I only wear my watch. I love my watch, when I got into nursing school I made a point to get a great watch and found a Swiss Army Watch I love.

Aside from being in the hospital I wear my Tiffany's necklace from my Prince and my Pandora bracelet I love. I also wear my pearl earrings from my mom but need to get them reset at the jeweler so they haven't been on in a while.

I love the peach ring you got. Like you, I never wear costume jewelry. I have a super cute black beaded bracelet to wear with my little black dress, but that is the only time I put on costume jewelry.


Cecilia said...

Little April Rose Blog is gone and I am sure for good reason. Because of the hate mail that they were getting. I am concerned about them and wanted to hear updates. Do you personally know them or do you know a way I can get an update on them. Thanks, Cecilia
P.S. Love the jewelry

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