Thursday, September 17, 2009

First trip to the Balloon Room

That title is misleading. It actually sounds like the balloon room is some sort of fun house. Nope. It's the sick kids room at the pediatricians office.

B isn't technically sick. But, the other night we were at my parents house and my dad was playing with Brayden. Then the next day, dad ended up at the doctors office sick. And, he had been contagious, but we didn't know it! So I took Brayden in for this little cough he's had just to make sure he's okay.

The doctor gave him a rx for a cough medicine, and we can give it to him as we see fit. So, technically, he's not sick - the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him.

I also ended up at the doctor today (not for being sick) and they took the largest vial of blood from my arm that I've ever seen in my life. Seriously. I almost passed out. Fun times.


Anonymous said...

Hope B doesn't get whatever your dad had & hope you're ok!!!!! I absolutely LOVE drawing people's blood, but I know being the donor is NO FUN!

Emily said...

I enjoy reading your blog... I hope Brayden doesn't get sick.

Anonymous said...

Preying he doesn't get sick

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