Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Much Happier Now

Brayden is a MUCH happier baby today (well, and yesterday).

He's back to being his normal ham self for the camera:

His shirt says "Baby's first Halloween."

Chris cannot understand why I keep putting him in holiday stuff. He keeps reminding me that it isn't Halloween yet! I told him it's either I put him in these outfits leading up to Halloween or I change him 50 times the day of!
Today we have his 9 month checkup - it was supposed to be done on the 13th but he was sick so we re-scheduled. By the way, thank you for all your comments on the last post - I guess calling Children's is the new norm!
Tomorrow we meet with a Neurologist at the satellite Childrens office to talk about the cyst that had been on Brayden's brain. Originally I had no intention of following up on it, because everyone believes it is harmless, but they kept calling me so I decided to just take him in. His appt is at 9am.


Lauren said...

That must be a man thing because every woman knows you have to get use out of all your clothes!! And plus, he looks adorable in all of his holiday attire, haha :)

Kodi said...

Brayden look so good in orange, how could you resist? I'm due on November 11, and I want to buy all these cute Thanksgiving outfits, but what if he's late?! haha Decisions, decisions. :)

I really enjoy your blog and I'm so happy that Brayden is doing better. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

He looks cute dress him every day lol

The Combs 5 said...

Aw...every woman knows you can use the 'holiday' outfits the whole month of that holiday! Otherwise they definetly wouldn't get their use out of them! And we all know you can't use them after the holiday! : ]
He's a cutie!

starlightmommy said...

I bought my son a "spider" shirt (its a gray shirt with a large spider on it made out of little tiny spiders. I bought my daughter a pumpkin shirt (its orange and has a pumpkin shape made out of gords, ghosts, spider webs, etc) Anyway, I put my kids in them on Sunday for church and a fall festival. I figure after Halloween I can use them as emergency pjs :)

Lianna Knight said...

What a little cutie pie!!! I love seeing his holiday outfits, so change him as MANY times as you want :)

Anonymous said...

Glad B man is feeling better! Good luck at the doctor's appointment!

Kendra said...

So glad he is feeling better! Praise the Lord.

Just love that smile of his...adorable!!!

Praying for his appt tomorrow.

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