Thursday, October 29, 2009

Return to Tiffanys

Because B got sick, I never finished posting about our trip to Vegas.

This picture was taken in our hotel - the Bellagio. They have this big atrium that they change out with the seasons. This time it was decorated for fall with massive scarecrows, and award winning pumpkins. I think the one behind us was about 600 lbs.

While we were there we had to do some shopping. Ok, so maybe we didn't have to, but we wanted to.

My mom's best friend from high school met us and we headed to Tiffanys. She bought a beautiful necklace to remember her mom by.

I told B to go pick something out for me, so he headed out:

Looks like he found something!

Just kidding. That's my mom's friends bag but it made a cute prop. And how many babies can say they crawled around at Tiffanys?!


Anonymous said...

How cute!! I was there this time last year and all of the fall decorations were amazing!

Lauren said...

Wasn't the Bellagio amazing??? I loved staying there and it was every shoppers paradise...... Such a beautiful hotel!!!!

Going back to Vegas next weekend and staying at the Luxor Hotel :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

Man oh man have been super busy. The Fall just offers so many wonderful backdrops for pictures :)!

I think you could use your post today, send it into Tiffany's, and suggest an advertising/commercial idea :)!

RN Mama said...

How cute:) I've never been to Vegas, and I've never actually wanted to...but, your pictures make it look more fun than just casinos and buffets!

Btw, I did see that sweater at the Banana Outlet last time I was there...I knew I saw it somewhere! It looks great on you, now I'm wishing I had tried it on!

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