Saturday, December 12, 2009

Exterior Illumination

We headed out with my parents last night to go check out some local Christmas lights.

I think they took their queue from good ol' Clark Griswold...Just kidding. It was actually really pretty.

Chris and I came to this same spot many years ago after we got engaged and took a ride in a horse drawn carriage...

But now, you can just hop on a camel:

When we got home we did a little of this:

The red one is from the big guy with the beard, to Bman.
It sure felt nice to write these words:

I ran out of wrapping paper. I knew I should have bought more! I really hate the super thin wrapping paper that everyone seems to sell these days. Walmart had a few rolls of this paper and it's much thicker and doesn't tear so easily. The bad news is that it's $5 a roll compared to the thinner paper at 4 for $5, but at least I can keep my sanity while wrapping.
Thanks for your sweet comments and honesty on my last post, and your emails too. =)


Lucy and Ethel said...

I love looking at lights - especially the 'industrious' ones. And that one is pretty industrious!

Happy first Christmas with your little guy :)


Crystal said...

The lights are beautiful! I know what you mean about wrapping paper, I always stock up after Christmas for the following year, much cheaper!

Tinkerbell Memories said...

I had a conversation with my husband last night about the thick paper. Hobby Lobby had there's 50% off so I got a couple of rolls there. Where was that lighting display at? I'm from your area and we will be there for Christmas. I would love to drive by.

Christa said...

The lights look beautiful!!

Cori said...

I have to second Hobby Lobby's wrapping paper. You might want to check next week because they tend to run 50% off specials on it every other week. If you've ever used Sally Foster wrapping paper, it's a lot like that. :)

The 'Ssippi Scoop said...

I haven't wrapped any presents because I think my little elf would just go behind me and upwrap.

The place that we usually go to see ilghts isn't doing them this year because some grinch apparently stole some of them last year, so we have no where really to go except just driving around, which we plan to do Christmas Eve.

I didn't get to comment on the last post before you put this one up but wanted to say thank you for being so honest. My MIL is pestering me to death to let Bailey spend the night with her. She has spent the night before, but only when we have something to do and will be getting home late, but usually we just take her with us where ever we are going so those times are far and few between. I finally told her the other day that as her birthday approaches us on the 22nd, I am having a hard time with remembering it all and not wanting to be away from her. I don't even like it when she sleeps closer to my husband than me these days. Even getting into Christmas stuff this year has been a little sad for me remembering that we spent Christmas in the hosptial away form our baby.

My husband and I were talking a few days ago too, about how ready we are to say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010. We brought her home on New Year's Day. In April, she spent another week in the hospital. In May she spent another week in the PICU and a week on the floor. If we hadn't of found the breathing issue and gotten it taken care of, it could have turned out way worse than it did.

Praise God today that she is a healthy, happy, GROWING, THRIVING baby. I'm hoping after her first birthday, the next years will get alot eaiser, but the experience was so traumatic for me that I never want to be pregnant again or have more children.

It isn't fair that some mom's get to have their baby's and hold them immediatly and never let them out of their sight from the first second, and get to participate in their first bath, their first feeding, try nursing, etc. and other mom's don't. But I did get to bring that sweet girl home with me and love her forever, lot's of mom's don't get to do that! I agree with trying not to let Satan steal the joy, but sometimes that's alot easier said than done.

Sorry to be so lengthy. And again, thanks for being so honest.

Guy and Julie said...

Hey--I was just wrapping some presents, and it made me think of you and this post. Hobby Lobby has SUPER thick paper that is ADORABLE. They have so many choices, and all of it is a really nice weight, and it looks so nice on packages. I can't remember how much it runs, but it's worth every penny because the rolls are longer than the WM ones, and there's a TON of paper on every roll. I have some from 4 years ago that I'm still using, and I've wrapped some BIG presents with them. And if you can catch it 1/2 off, I don't think it ends up being more than $3 a roll. If you check the Hobby Lobby website, they usually have a 40% off coupon you can print if the wrapping paper is not on sale that week. Don't know if that helps!

Lauren said...

Those lights are just beautiful!!!!! :)

Nancy Bane said...

I just read this, and wanted to tell you that Hobby Lobby carries really thick paper, and right now it's on Clearance. They still have some cute stuff left, but not much!

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