Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Pinteresting Style

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You all know how much I adore Pinterest. One of my favorite boards is the "My Style" board. I love pinning ideas for outfits and such there.

One thing I love for fall is a good scarf...or two...or ten. I found this neat pin awhile back - it shows you different ways to wear your scarves:

From: TipJunkie
I pinned this because it's the hair I wish I had but never will. My hair is super, super fine and even though I've got a lot of it, it will probably never look like this. But a girl can dream!

From: It's the Small Things

This supercute outfit came from Polyvore. If you've never checked that site out, you should! I love everything except maybe the coat. I'm on the fence about it.

I saw these Toms and new I had to have them. So I ordered them. LOVE THEM. I think Toms are the most comfortable shoes on the planet.
Another outfit from Polyvore. Huh. I think it's the same belt and possibly the same jeans. Oh, and a similar shoe.

Well, what can I say? I like what I like apparently. But this just screams "I'm going on a hayride!" or something, so I love it. Fall = My favorite time of the year.

You can click here to follow my boards on Pinterest. Need to read a how to? Here's my brief how to use Pinterest post.

Happy pinning!
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