Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A first for my blog...

This is a first for my blog - I've never done a re-post of a previous blogpost I've written. However, after the experiences I had to endure this morning on my way to the pharmacy, I feel that it is necessary.

Back in June of 09' I posted this blog called "Driving 101." I'm adding a few things to it at the bottom - oh, and the whole text thing is a little different now I guess. So here we go. Driving 101.

I think some of my fellow drivers need a refresher course. Here are a few tips (you know, just in case they are reading) for them.

- A turning lane is just that. A turning lane. Not a cruise for the next three miles lane. Certainly not a passing lane. Just a turning lane.

- If a speed limit sign says "50 mph" then at least do 45. And if you still can't swing it, then please, please, please get in the slow lane.

- Unless there is a stoplight at the end of the freeway entrance or traffic is stopped, don't stop. You have that whole time to be checking for on-coming traffic. MERGE!!!

- If you are an experienced driver/texter, then by all means. However, if you can't do both at the same time, DON'T!

- There are two lanes because it's okay for people to be in either can't be in BOTH at one time unless you are changing lanes (that to the person I followed for well over a mile driving in the dead center of the road!).

And a few new additions, courtesy of today's little escapade:

If you get lost, then PULL OVER. Don't stop in the middle of the road to fool around with your GPS.

If you merge onto the freeway doing 45mph don't shoot over into the fast lane and make me slam on my brakes. Stay in the empty slow lane (where, I might add, the minimum speed is still 55).

And lastly, as my little backseat driver Brayden likes to say, GREEN means GO!


No, I don't have road rage, I just can't stand it when people act foolish while driving. There are too many accidents and innocent people killed because drivers aren't paying attention and following basic traffic laws!

Do you have any driving tips to share?
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