Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes Gmail hates me...

I switched a couple of years ago from my old blog email address at Yahoo to my new blog email address at Gmail. My old one kept getting hacked and sending out bogus emails to people, which is why I switched.

So, the point of this post - if you send me an email and don't hear back then, I didn't get it! Gmail likes to hoard my emails in some unknown place where I can't find them sometimes. I think they think it's funny to mess with me like that. It's not.

I've gotten several DM's on twitter saying that you've emailed me a recipe, but it's not showing in my inbox.

If you've submitted a recipe to the 12 Days of Goodies and not gotten back some kind of email from me saying that I received it, then I haven't gotten your email! Please resend it!

And just for reference, my email address is EMAILJENNASJOURNEY at GMAIL dot COM

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