Wednesday, May 2, 2012


First, a big, huge, thank you to everyone who has voted for me for best Food/Mom blog on Babble! I so appreciate it! Last time I looked, I was on page 3!

Last year, I told you about an awesome book I read called Divergent. I think I was the first on that bandwagon - usually I'm one of the last, ha! I found it right after it had been released and the site that I bought it from (Amazon) had put the first 100 pages out for free. I read them and was hooked! So naturally, when the second book was going to be released, I pre-ordered it for my Kindle, and I'm reading it now. You should to! This will be a trilogy, so we only have to wait for one more book. I can't wait! Supposedly, they are turning them into movies as well - if you've read it, who do you think should play Tris and Four?

Image Via Amazon

Another bandwagon I jumped on early was for this show, called Duck Dynasty. I mentioned it on Twitter awhile back, and it seems like everyone started watching it! I love this show. Seriously. Chris gets a total kick out of me, his California girl, shopaholic, hair and nails fanatic wife, watching a bunch of self proclaimed hillbillies make duck calls and shoot squirrels. You have to DVR this one though, it's hilarious!

Image via AETV

The last thing on my little list is this awesome new hair product I'm using. A year or two ago, I talked about another product and I still love that, but I think this one is easier to use. It's by Pureology and it's called Pure Volume.

I have super fine hair and it gets staticy. Like I look like I rubbed a balloon on my hair or something. This stuff stops that and it gives me great volume! I buy mine at Ulta but I'm sure lots of stores sell it. If you have hair like mine you should give it a try. I use a dime sized about through my hair before blow-drying and it works like a charm.

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