Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Staples

Summer is (almost) here! If you live in the South like I do, then it may already be blazing hot for you! When it comes to summer, I have a few staples that I can't live without.

1.) Sandals and Flats!

I know, duh, right? First of all, I'm already tall so I'm a fan of flats to begin with. When it comes to summer outfits, sometimes I feel a little plain Jane and wearing a cute pair of sandals can really dress an outfit up. My favorite pair of sandals are by Steve Madden and they are super sparkly and fun! I also love my espadrille wedges! In fact I did a post on some cute spring/summer shoes here!

Image via this post

2.) Dresses!

If you know me, you might be shocked that I said this. I'm a jeans girl, hands down. This spring I ended up buying some great, fun dresses at Old Navy. They were all pretty inexpensive, and I figured it I didn't get that much use out of them, it wasn't a big loss. I was so pleasantly surprised! I've been wearing them all the time. They are comfortable and cute, and easy to dress up or down! In fact, the dress I have on in this post is one of my Old Navy finds.

3.) Sunglasses!

Okay, another Duh! I'm sure. But a cute pair of sunglasses can really make a statement. I have one pair that I wear pretty much all the time and then I have a pair of aviators that I wear when I want to look "cool." Ha! There are some great sunglasses 70% off on this site today.

4.) Tops with Interest!

Sometimes I fall into the cotton trap in the summer. You know what I mean? I end up wearing plain cotton tees or tanks because it's so blasted hot outside and I don't even want to think about wearing something that might end up making me uncomfortably hot. That said, there are lots of great, lightweight, CUTE options out there. The top I had on in this post is a great example. The color and cut are interesting but that top couldn't be lighter!

5.) Hair!

As you might know, I am not a expert at hair. That said, I get up and wash and style my hair every single day, it just makes me feel better about myself. There are some great summer styles though - cute, bumped up ponytails, sock buns and more. I've got some wonderful ideas pinned on my Pinterest boards. Check those out here!

Don't forget that Zulily and RueLaLa are great resources for finding fashionable clothing and accessories (as well as gifts!) for up to 70% off!

What are some of your favorite summer staples?

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