Thursday, December 6, 2012

New House Update! {My kitchen & family room revealed!}

First, thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. If I didn't hate the sound of my own voice so much, I would have probably vlogged that post - sometimes, it's hard to get the feel and tenor of words when they are written as opposed to spoken. But it seems like what I was trying to say really came through. I loved all your sweet comments, tweets and even emails! Thank you!!

I was out at our new house yesterday because my granite was being installed. I was SO excited. I made no less than 6 trips to the granite supplier. We're buds now. First name basis and all. Which is good considering my parents will begin building soon so I'm sure to be back down there with my mom looking for her granite!

Anyway, I finally choose my's called White Ice. It went in yesterday and I'm so in love with it. My kitchen is my other baby. I love it. I spend a LOT of time in it. I can't wait to cook here! 

The center island is where my cooktop will be going. Once it's in I'll take more pictures. I'll be putting four barstools here as well.

This other island is where my sink and dishwasher are/will be. For my cabinets I decided to paint them our trim color (it's a custom color, so I don't have a name to give you) and then do a gray glaze. I know a lot of homes have a brown glaze on their cabinets but, little known fact about me, gray is my favorite color. And a lot of my paint colors in this house are, you guessed it, gray. It also nicely compliments the gray throughout my granite.

This is the view of the family room, or as much as I could get in my lens. The beams are a custom stain I had made to match our hardwood. The mantle is stained the same color (it's not hung yet) and the trim on the stairs is as well. The paint is actually gray but it looks a little blue-ish in the picture. 

For the fireplace I actually used materials from the outside of our house. That brick and rock as well as stucco are what is on the exterior. Here's a note for those of you building homes...the mortar you use makes a HUGE difference in the look of your brick and rock. I actually found this brick on a home and told my builder that I loved it. She sent me to another house to look at the exact same brick - and I hated it. Why? It's all about the mortar. Using a white mortar made our brick pop and look awesome, while using the traditional gray/tan mortar made it look blah and outdated. If you find a brick or rock you love on another home, be sure to find out the color of the mortar they used!

 I never thought that stairs could make me so happy but I am IN LOVE with how my staircase turned out. Seriously. It's exactly what I pictured in my head. The paint in the foyer is a silver-gray.

This is actually our master bathroom - we have two sinks like this one with the jacuzzi tub in between them. I bought 3 huge slabs of granite and so there ended up being enough left over to do my master bath and our hall bath which made me incredibly happy. The paint in here is a blue from Sherwin Williams called Tradewind. 

More updates coming soon! Also, I just created a Facebook page for my blog. I know not all of you have blogrolls, so if you want to keep up with us via facebook just click here.
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