Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reindeer Treats {For Kids}

I was looking for something cute to make for Brayden's class Christmas party and I came across something like this on Pinterest. I thought, "how easy does that look?" and I showed it to Brayden he asked me to make them.

We're calling them Reindeer Treats and they are the perfect little snack for kids!

What you need:

Mini chocolate donuts
Red M&M's
White royal icing (store bought tubes make this super easy)
Large pretzels

I think the one I saw online used mini pretzels...I didn't read their tutorial so I'm not sure. I had large pretzels on hand so that's what we went with!

Put a dab of icing on the back of the candy (the part with the M showing) and lightly press it into the donut so it doesn't fall out. Then just add 2 dots for the eyes and break a pretzel in half for the antlers, place it on either side of the donut and you're done!

Brayden is SO excited to take these to school tomorrow! Brody and I are sick and running fevers, so Chris will be filling in for me as Homeroom Dad (I'm Homeroom Mom for the Christmas party). I made him promise to take lots of pictures for me so I can feel like I was there. I'm so, so bummed to be missing it.

Anyway, let me know if you make these for your kids! They are sure to enjoy them!
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