Monday, February 11, 2013

2 Ingredient Hot Oil Treatment for Shiny, Healthy Hair

I've been wanting to do a hot oil treatment on my hair for a long time now. I kept hearing about using coconut oil for it, but I didn't have any. Yesterday, while at the grocery store I noticed this on the shelves:
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And I decided to bring it home with me. By the way, if the store I was shopping at had it, then yours probably will too! 

What I ended up doing was taking a quarter cup of the oil, which by the way, didn't look anything like what I was expecting - it's almost like paraffin or something, and added one tablespoon of EVOO to it. I put it in a glass cup and then set the cup inside of a small pot with about 2" of water. Over medium heat, I melted the oils together. As soon as they were melted I used a potholder to remove the glass cup of oil and let it cool down a little bit.

Meanwhile, I got my hair wet - not soaking, but more than damp, and I threw a towel into the dryer to heat up.

I took the oil into the shower and coated my hair with it. I worked in sections until my hair was completely coated and then wrapped it all up in the warm towel.

Then I read a book.

Twenty-five minutes later, I went and washed my hair using shampoo and conditioner. You might need to shampoo twice, especially if your hair is really long. Oh, and be careful! Your shower will be slippery. The first thing I did was clean the floor because I'm an accident looking for a place to happen and that one was just too obvious.

And, ta-da! Thats it! My hair is SO much softer! Let me know if you give it a try!
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