Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Fun Activities To Do When Your Kids Are Sick

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Children's Mucinex and then followed up with a post about what we, as parents do when our little ones are under the weather. As a fan of cooking, preparing special meals for my family when they are sick is a natural thing for me, but today I want to talk about some fun activities that you can do with your kids when they aren't feeling their best.

1.) A Special Surprise

I give full credit for this idea to my mom. When I was little and would get sick she always took me with her to get my medicine. While we were at the store, she always let me pick out a special something to take home. Sometimes it was a Barbie, others it would be a word search game, a new book, a movie, or even silly putty. Remember that stuff? Anyway, getting to take home something fun and new is a special memory I still have and like to replicate for my sick kids.

2.) Sick Day Movies

If you have young kids, like I do, then you might relate to this. My boys have a plethora of movies. Some of them I like, and will gladly watch with them. Some of them I can tolerate being on while I'm cooking or doing something distracting. Then there are those movies that I cringe when I hear the opening music come on. I call them the Nails on the Chalkboard collection, or the Sick Day Movies. It seems like kids are drawn to the movies that drive their parents insane, right? I like to keep those special movies set aside and break them out on sick days. The boys are thrilled that they are getting to watch them and it definitely keeps them entertained!

3.) Slushy Time

I love giving my kids little indulgences when they don't feel well. I'm lucky that my boys seem to get even sweeter when they are ill, and they really love all the extra attention. One inexpensive treat that they love but don't get often is a slushy from Sonic. When they aren't feeling so great, and especially if their throats are bugging them, I'll take them to grab a slushy. They are inexpensive, especially if you go during their happy hour when drinks are half price and soothing!

4.) Teach Then Something New

The last time Brayden was sick I decided to teach him how to play Tic Tac Toe, are as he likes to call it, Tic Toe. Even though he didn't feel good, he loved learning something new and it also gave him a chance to practice drawing his letters. It kept him entertained for hours and now when he sees the game on a menu if we go out, he insists we play it!

5.) Make Your Own Color Book

Coloring is one of my kids favorite activities. To kick this up a notch for a day spent at home, we find printable coloring pages for free on the internet - you can find them for almost anything; a favorite cartoon, animal etc. Print out several for your child to color. This is great because if they are old enough, you can set them up with a breakfast tray in bed and they can color from there if they aren't well enough to sit at the table. Then, give them a piece of colored construction paper to make a cover and staple the book together. Voila! They're very own, handmade coloring book!

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