Monday, March 4, 2013

BooBoo's & Burst Pipes

I mentioned in an earlier post that our Valentine's day was quite eventful. That might have been an understatement. 

Our mailbox at our new home is about a mile from the house. We have an enclosed off road vehicle called a Kubota that we use to go get our mail and ride around our property - we use it every day. Anyway, both boys always wear their seat belts and the doors are shut but they don't lock. 99% of the time, all four of us go together but this particular day we had a guy at the house installing some stuff so I was staying behind in case he had any questions. 

What ended up happening is that when they hit a bump, Brayden's hand fell off of the handlebar that he always holds and he opened the door. He seat belt failed and he fell out the open door. They are suicide doors so I think it just kind of sucked him out with it. He fell onto asphalt. 

Because of where we live it was easier to meet the ambulance than for them to come to us, so we met up with them. Brayden had a CT scan and X-Rays done and then ended up with 2 stitches in his mouth. 

Here we are in the ER:

What's amazing is this was taken exactly one week later:

Can you believe how good he looks?! The only issue we're dealing with now is a tooth that got injured, which prompted our very first visit to the pediatric dentist. He did SO well and Brody thought it was a ton of fun too! We go back in one month to find out what we will have to do with his tooth. It might heal, he might need a root canal or a fake tooth.

And when it rains, it pours because the day after the accident, February 15, our house flooded.

That's right, our brand new home, that we'd been in for one month had a pipe burst in the walls flooding the downstairs. 

Here are a few of the 15 fans that were in the kitchen/hallway area:

A 99 cent fitting that holds two pipes together failed causing the leak. Thankfully we were home and Chris ran outside and turned the main water line off. If he hadn't I can't even begin to imagine the damage that would have been done!

As it was, we ended up moving out for a week while the flooring was ripped up and replaced as well as some walls, baseboards and columns.

We are finally back home and just got our furniture moved back in a few days ago. Yay!

We are hoping March will be a MUCH calmer month! I am going to get pics of our new house posted for you soon!
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