Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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A new blog series!

I am so excited about this that I could cry! For a long time I've felt God leading me to talk about marriage here on the blog. There are so many reasons why I shouldn't be the one to do this. I'm younger than some of you. I've been married less time than some of you. You may have had bigger life issues to contend with than I have. Eventually I decided that none of that matter if God had laid it on my heart to discuss this topic. When I began to seriously consider how to go about this, I realized that it didn't have to be just I asked a few of my fellow blog friends to join in and we created the Love and Marriage Blog Series!

Each Wednesday in April, we are going to discuss a new topic pertaining to marriage. We are going to share our trials and triumphs with you and we hope and pray that we can be an encouragement in your lives! 

So often in blogland, everything seems "perfect" - the perfect family, the perfect parties, the perfect friends, the perfect marriage...but we know that nothing, and I mean nothing, in life is ever perfect because none of us are perfect!

I hope that you will join all of us starting next Wednesday, April 3 for this exciting new series! Below is a list of the participating bloggers a little bio about each of us! You can click the links to visit their blog and facebook pages! Next week's topic will be introducing ourselves to all of you and giving you an overview of our marriages. Be sure to check out all of the posts!

meet the bloggers
marriage bio roses final
marriage bio Shay final
marriage bio jenn final
marriage bio lindsey final

Join us every Wednesday in April for the Love & Marriage Blog Series!
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