Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tips Please! We're going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!

The title says it all!

I've been waiting for this day to come since I had Brayden! We've decided to take the boys to Disney World in December. I may possibly be the most excited out of the four of us...but then again, the kids don't know yet!!!!!

We haven't told them for two reasons. One: I want to tell them in a fun and creative way. Two: I know that every day thereafter, I will hear "Mommy?! Are we going to Disney today?!"

If we talk on twitter, then you already knew this news. I wanted to post it here too because I want to see what your tips are! Have you been to Disney World? Traveled with young kids? Leave me your tips and tricks in the comments!

Here's what we know. After much debate, we ended up finding super inexpensive flights. It was actually going to cost us more to drive than to fly. Go figure. So we are taking a direct flight in. We are NOT staying onsite this year. We plan to go back when the boys are both over 48" and stay in a Disney hotel but for this trip, it makes way more sense for us to stay in a condo resort that is very close to the park. We are renting a car and we are also renting a stroller (the airlines always tear mine up, plus the stroller company sells insurance in case it gets stolen).

We will be staying Monday - Monday and the only reservations I've made so far are lunch at the Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom and breakfast at Hollywood and Vine with the boys very favorite character, Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates). PS - If you have a Jake, Sofia or Doc McStuffins fan, Zulily had a HUGE Disney Jr sale online! Check it out here!).

I've found a TON of informative sites online and made lots of notes for our trip, but I want to hear what your best tip, favorite thing or must do activity is! 
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