Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On Raising Grateful Kids

I LOVE my kids.

I adore them.

I want to give them everything.

And I've realized that while I want to give them everything, that is not in their best interest.

Since the day they were born, I've thought about the people I want to raise them up to be. Each of us value certain character traits and one of the traits at the top of my list is having a grateful and giving heart. I want my kids to put God first, others second and themselves third. I want them to want to give more than to receive and to show compassion and love to strangers.

Of course, they are very young (although Brayden will be 5 in January and I could just about die over the thought of him being FIVE YEARS OLD). But even at this age, there are lots of things they do to show love to others. This isn't a post touting all the good deeds we do, but rather a post asking for your input.

My kids LOVE to be read books. And this is where I need some help. I love reading to them but I haven't come across any really good books that cultivate a giving spirit. You guys always have such great suggestions for me, so I'm hoping you can suggest some great books for my kiddos.

What books have you read to your little ones that help build a strong moral character, a giving spirit, and grateful hearts? 
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