Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Great Pumpkin Patch Visit of 2013

Every year, like a lot of you, we visit at least one pumpkin patch. This year, we went to a different kind of patch - one where you get to cut your own pumpkin off the vine. The kids thought this was the best thing ever!

Brayden picked a traditional orange pumpkin while Brody picked a white one. They loved getting to be so hands on with the actual pumpkin picking.

The place we usually visit has one size of pumpkin and they sit on pallets. The place we went this year has all sorts of cool looking pumpkins growing in large fields!

The requisite family picture!

This event kicks off my very favorite time of the year - fall! It's boot wearing, hot chocolate drinking, pumpkin baking time! Woohoo!
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