Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Kris Allen Sighting and Brayden's BFF

Keep the comments coming on my last post! I'm loving your ideas!

Ok, maybe I should call it my Kris Allen hearing...but I didn't want you to think he was on trial or something.

So last night I was with Chris at our local country club and he was at the driving range. I drove B around the neighborhood for awhile because he was asleep and then I went to check on Chris. Though I am a horrible golfer, he's taught me a lot and I help him with his swing (not that he really needs my help...he's really good at golf). So another man was there hitting and he started talking to us and we found out that Kris Allen was at Pinnacle doing a private concert for some Wal-Mart execs (for those Non-NWA'ers, it's Shareholders here for Wal-Mart which means lots of celebs are in town for the meeting and for concerts).

So I got to hear him sing "Heartless" ( much better than the original) and a Michael Jackson song! Too cool! We were tipped off that if we drove a golf cart around to the 18th hole that we could have seen him but then I would have been late for dinner with my BFF Amy.

Brayden got to meet his BFF last night, Landon!

He'd never been up close and personal with another baby and he wasn't sure what to think!

Landon loved him, it was SO cute! He got very excited when his Daddy Trenton was holding him and kept trying to escape and see B! At first B avoided eye contact and then he started smiling. It was so precious! I can't wait to have our first playdate!


tootie said...

Awww, so cute! It looks like they're friends already!

Hailey said...

So cute. I love watching babies around one another. It is adorable.

alyssa said...

i was sitting right beside yall at beef o bradys!! he is so cute :)

Bear said...

Lovely babies! You're one lucky mama, fine family and Kris Allen. Wow!

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