Sunday, September 13, 2009

8 Months Old!

Today is Brayden's 8 month birthday!

What are you up to this month?

- You weigh about 17lbs.

- You are almost crawling.

- You shake your head "no-no" back to us when we do it or say it.

- You sometimes wave hi and bye.

- You've gone from thickening your food from honey to nectar consistency.

- You are OFF YOUR PREVACID! That means the only rx you use is the thickit now.

- You've started to get mad if we take something away from you - really mad - that you're not supposed to have.

- You still won't say Mama...but we hear Dada constantly.

- Granddaddy is your very most favorite person.

- You can zoom around the house in your walker.

- You enjoy watching football with your Daddy...

- ...and riding in your sling with Mommy.

- You're in a size 3 diaper and wear 6 month clothes. Sometimes you can wear bigger clothing, it just depends on the brand.

More as I think of it...


Annette said...

Happy 8 months Brayden!! You are a sweet little miracle from God:)

Lori said...

Happy 8 months! He is so adorable. Its amazing how fast they grow and change!!

Heather said...

They grow and change SO fast!!! He is adorable!

Lauren said...

So precious!!! :)

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