Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vacation Day 2

Day 2 definitely went better than day one. Mainly because we didn't have to fly anywhere!

The view from our room:

B exploring:
B and Grammy in the hotel lobby...that's a group of men in kilts in the background! I think they were having a wedding or something!

B at one of our favorite restaurants, The Palm.

Chris, B and me at The Palm:

We celebrated my Dad's birthday and Elvis stopped by (he gave Dad those glasses):

B was all shook up:

Yes, it was a MUCH better day! More vacation to come...


Jessica said...

I love the picture of him in the glasses and his little paci sticking out from underneath them!

Im glad you guys had a good time. I was wondering where you were!

Rebekah said...

Vegas is one of my favorite places. There are so many fun things to do. I imagine it would be a dream for a baby! All the lights and sounds! The Bellagio is the best place to stay! We stayed there a couple of years ago. I drove FLint nuts. I always wanted him to watch the fountains with me from our window!!! Hope your trip was fun

Jill said...

Cute pics of B-Man! We love Vegas...we don't gamble but the shopping and food are FAB! We love to stay at the Venetian!

The Coach's Wife said...

So glad the day 2 was much better! That is crazy!!!! I have never been to Vegas but I want to go. We don't gamble but I think it would be fun to just go, shop and eat!

Emily said...

So adorable. Love the photo of B smiling and waiting in the chair. What a handsome little dude!

Lauren said...

Girl, I LOVE seeing your Vegas pictures since we just went there. We stayed at The Bellagio too :)

Claire said...

I love the view from your room! How cool!


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