Saturday, October 17, 2009

You've asked...

I've gotten a lot of email questions lately, so I wanted to take a moment and respond to them all!

Q. Where did you get Chris' hog fever tee?
A. Wal-Mart! Where else? Ha!

Q. Speaking of craft fairs, are you crafty?
A. I'll go with no on that one. Maybe I have an occasional moment of craft inspiration, but in general, no.

Q. Where did you get B's jeans and shoes in that last post?
A. The jeans are True Religion's and they were bought at Nordstroms. The shoes are Robeez - the kind with the really soft soles. I think they're better for his feet. You can find Robeez at a lot of stores and online too.

Q. Are you going to show us wedding pics soon?
A. Yes - the 22nd is our anniversary, so in just a few more days...

Q. Is B better?
A. Yes and No. His cold seems better, but we think he actually had/has a stomach virus too. I called Children's Hospital today and he's on a nausea protocol now. He's thrown up 3 times today, poor baby.

Q. How's the invisalign going?
A. Really well. I'm on my 4th set of trays. For me, there are 8 sets and I wear each set for 18 days. So I'm more than halfway done and with the exception of the first set, I haven't had ANY pain!

Thanks for writing me!


Unknown said...

When I visited your blog today I got a pop up survey from Nielsen's wanting to know about some of my buying habits so they could tailor the advertising on this site to better suit my needs, or some such thing. Thought you'd want to knowt, as I'm sure you're not doing that.
Love Braden's picture. He is such a dear

jsiewert said...

So funny, My parents anniversary is the 22nd too! I will wish you a happy anniversary now!

And I hope B feels better soon, I have a little one with a cold too...

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. B gets to feeling better soon! Poor baby!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Who doesn't love Christmas is a classic :)!

I hope B feels better soon!

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