Monday, May 17, 2010

Changes to Twitter...And some other stuff

Recently, I've had to go through my twitter followers and delete any accounts that didn't have information. So if you were following me and now are blocked (but would like to follow) email me and let me know you want to follow again. If you have a blog url or something so that I can "identify you" please include that - I unfortunately won't be able to accept anyone I can't identify going forward. Then just send me a follow request again. Sorry about the inconvenience! I just need to be sure I know who is following my account.

And, for the "Other Stuff" part of this post, have you heard of Spokeo . Com ? Well, they have tons of peoples addresses and phone numbers on there as well as other personal information. You can go to their homepage, then to "Privacy" to have them delete your listing. FYI, a lot of the listings had very wrong information on them, mine included.

I don't know how they are getting their info, but my cousin sent an email that Facebook is now giving out personal info. You can disable that option by going into your account settings, privacy, apps and webs, and then disabling the instant personalization program.

So that's my little web safety PSA for the day!
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