Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good News, Bad News, More Good News...

So lots of news today.

First Good News. I had my OB checkup and everything is a-okay. All is well. Baby's heartbeat was 164 and apparently me being sick and on medication isn't affecting anything negatively.

Bad News: My doctor actually had whatever this weird viral infection is that I have now. We went through everything and it sounds exactly like what he had...and it lasted SIX WEEKS. Which means I'm only halfway done. Which also explains why I still feel terrible.

More Good News: Someone suggested that Chris see our chiropractor, and being as he's been to three doctors since being released from the ER, what's one more right? Ha. So he went and saw Dr. M and he had a slipped disk. Apparently, that disk being out causes the exact same symptoms as appendicitis. He had instant pain relief as soon as he was adjusted. 100% better! He still has this viral thing (not the same thing as me) and a fever but he is doing so much better!!

We are still living with my parents and they are taking care of us and Bman which we are so thankful for! Thanks so much for your emails, comments, tweets and especially prayers!
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