Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Thoughts

I never finished my recap on the SLI conference, but I've been meaning to get it done!

I know a lot of people have already given their takeaway's and so I'm just going to stick with one that I didn't see covered already so that you aren't reading the same things for the 10th time. =)

No one can STEAL your security. You have to hand it over to them.

When I first heard Beth say that, a million contradictions and "what if's" flooded through my head. Here are a few...

But he/she is purposefully excluding me to make me feel ________.

He/she is talking behind my back and people are forming opinions of me based on that.

This person pretends to be one way so that I look bad.

Now, those things might all be true. We've all probably met or currently know someone who fits one of those descriptives. The conclusion I finally reached after a lot of thought, was that regardless of the truthfulness of those thoughts, I do not have to let it affect me or how secure I feel.

Have you ever been in a group setting where it seems like someone will do anything to make you feel unwelcome? That can do a number on your security. But you don't have to let it. You have to opportunity to show who you are - who you really are - to everyone else that is standing there. Not that it's easy...but what is worse? Letting people form an opinion of you based on how someone else is acting or portraying you? Or letting them see who the real you is, even if it might feel a little uncomfortable?

Lastly, because this is a blog, I thought I'd share one more thought on this topic that is blogging related.

Blogging Transparently.

There are a few blogs that I know of that I think set a great example of this...MckMama, and Caroline. They share what is on their hearts regardless of what others might think about it. They are real and transparent. Not everything is super happy and always perfect.

I know whenever I go to write something that isn't about how great my day was or what a wonderful time I had doing such and such, that there's always a twinge of worry. But I've realized that it's okay - life isn't always perfect, or happy or a scene from a movie. I'm blogging for myself - and I want to remember the good, the bad and the in-between.

So, that concludes my thoughts on SLI...and now, it's Cinco de Mayo and I want to go find some chips and salsa!! Have a great Wednesday!

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