Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Today is Mother's Day, and I know that so many of you out there have been dreading this day, either because of infertility, loss of a child or other loved one. You have been in my prayers all week and especially today.

Today we went to church as usual, and in addition to seeing many friends babies be dedicated, there were also four baptisms. It usually takes about all I've got not to cry during baptisms, and today proved incredibly hard! A sweet lady who I see every Sunday had gone forward on Easter and she gave her testimony today. Jeanine, if you happen to see this, you touched my heart and so many others this morning! Thank you for sharing your testimony!

After church we went to a local restaurant for lunch. I'd call it brunch but the only one who ate anything resembling breakfast food was Brayden with his scrambled eggs. I almost can't type those words...scrambled eggs make me want to lose it! Ick!

My brother, mom and I:

Brayden has gotten 3 of his molars over the last few days. He did not want to go to lunch and he kept saying "Nigh Nigh!! Nigh Nigh!!" because he wanted to go home and take his nap. So he got passed around a LOT!
He always digs into my Dad's pocket on his dress shirts because that's where he keeps his iPhone. Dad has a song on there that Brayden L-O-V-E-S and he always lets him listen to it.
And he got some quality playtime with Unkie:
I'm laughing because Chris wrote "Mama" on my card. For the last couple of months Brayden has protested calling me Mama, something he's done forever...and now he calls me Meow Meow. Like a cat. Uh-huh. Chris worked with him on it today and he has said Mama a couple of times, thankfully. He got it in his head that referring to me as Meow Meow was funny...
We forgot to take a family picture, and when we got home I took a three hour nap. When I got up, I got back into my dress and we took a few snapshots:
I still look tired!
It's been a fun and family filled day!
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