Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby #2 Questions Answered

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First, thank you SOOOOOO much for all the well wishes, prayers and congratulations!

I received a ton of questions through email, twitter and comments! So here are some answers for you!

- How are you feeling?

Okay. With Brayden I was sick 24/7 for the first 28 weeks. It was realllllllly hard. This time is very different. I don't throw up nearly as often but I feel sick all day. Taking Zofran actually seems to make it worse whereas with B, it helped quite a bit.

- When are you due - specifically?

The end of November. =) I will be a scheduled C-section for a LOT of reasons. For me, there is not another option. At this time, we are thinking that will happen on Nov 23. We are attempting to coordinate so that the doctors that NEED to be there (others in addition to my OBGYN) can all attend. That sounds more serious than it is, really. But I will be very close (days away) from 40 weeks on that date.

- Is this baby at an increased risk for PPHN?

No. PPHN is not hereditary or genetic. There is no known cause for PPHN. The only link they have found so far is taking certain medications in the third trimester, which I did NOT take, nor have I ever taken. If this baby is a boy, it will run the same risk that B ran of getting PPHN, or that any male does - 1%. If it is a girl, from what I was told at ACH, the risk is minimally lower.

- Can they do any testing prior to the birth for PPHN?

Nope. PPHN can only be detected once the baby is born and breathes oxygen. Hence we are taking extra precautions such as having our pediatrician in the OR for the c-section.

- How many months apart with B and Baby #2 be?

22 1/2.

- Are you seeing the same doctor you saw with B?

Yes. I love my doctor, and his wife who is also an OBGYN. They both were present for Brayden's c-section and will probably both be in the OR for this c-section. I've been with Dr. S for many years and he oversaw some of my infertility treatments, my miscarriage and my pregnancy with Brayden. In short, he knows everything about me, my history and my complications. So I can't imagine seeing another doctor.

- Will you find out what you are having?

YES!!!!!!! I admire those who wait for the surprise but that has never been me! I need to know ASAP! Ha!

- Are you craving chips and salsa? I saw you tweet about it a couple of times!

Hahaha!! That was such a cute question. I don't know that I'm craving it. I just have a love-love relationship with chips and salsa all the time. I could eat them every single day of my life and never get tired of them!

I think I answered most of the questions! Email me if I missed something, and if there are enough, I'll do another post.
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