Tuesday, June 8, 2010

B's first baseball game

The other night we went out with our friends Sara (and her family) and Sydney (her daughter Stella was there and her husband is one of the announcers for the game) to our first baseball game as a family. We saw our local minor league team play - and I use the word "saw" very loosely. I think I watched maybe 5 minutes of it! We were too busy talking and wrangling kids!

Daddy and B:
Don't judge me too harshly...It was 90+ degrees and I was dying!
B had fun but he was ready for "nigh nigh" early - he kept repeating it over and over in the car. The game didn't start until 7, and he goes to bed at 8 so he was really, really tired! We left early to get him home and I think he slept until almost 10am the next morning! My boy loves his sleepy time!
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