Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls Night Out!!

I've got SO much to blog about, but first I've got some catching up to do. If you follow me on twitter, you know that my Chicago trip turned into an ordeal...more on that later. Instead of coming home Sunday, we just got home a few hours ago. We didn't have the computer on this trip either, which is why there were no new blog posts!

So, back to Thursday night...

My friend Sara planned a fun girls night out that started with dinner at Mimi's (and included my personal fave, fried zucchini!) and then we walked around our outdoor mall.

I had my camera on me for once but I was too chicken to ask a stranger to take our pic, but Sara wasn't so we were able to get this one! Ha!

Also, awhile back I asked where I could find footie pj's for an 18 months old and a bunch of you said to check Children's Place. Thank you SO much!! They had them and I was able to get him a new wardrobe of pajamas that fit!!

LOTS more to come!
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