Friday, June 25, 2010

Chickfila Playdate

Today Brayden and I went to two of our favorite things at once...a playdate and Chickfila! If you know me...or follow me on twitter I guess...then you have probably picked up on the fact that I loooove Chickfila. I may or may not be on a first name basis with the lunch crew at my local Chickfila. And they may or may not have asked where I was when I was sick and didn't make a Chickfila run in 3 weeks. Ahem.

Back to the playdate. We go to two different playgroups, one with my friends from church and one with my friends from my MOPS group. I managed to get a picture with all the kiddos except baby Reid below:

Up top is Caedmon and below him from left to right is Lilly, Stella, Brayden and Brody. They seemed to have a good time even though it was super hot!

I never seem to get a pic of the momma's (though I'm not sure anyone minded today because we were all sweating)!
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