Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Crazy Trip, part one

Sooo, our Chicago trip.

Well, first I should say that is wasn't technically "our" trip. It was supposed to be my parents trip:

We are very lucky to have a SUPER close relationship with my mom and dad. We do everything together, and we all get along. So, when they decided to take a trip without us (we usually go on all our vacations together) I semi-jokingly invited us along. Apparently, my Dad was hoping I'd do that, because he booked us plane tickets! Ha!

Well, my parents decided to drive to Chicago. They love taking car rides. With B, we thought flying was the better option. We were WRONG.

It's about a 90 minute flight to Chicago, one we've made many times without incident. We boarded our plane and we were getting ready to back away from the gate, when a woman in the front row complained that her armrest was broken; permanently stuck in the upright position. Now, it's not like she was sitting next to a stranger, she was sitting with her child. The flight crew decided that our plane just couldn't make it to Chicago with a broken armrest and called maintenance. An HOUR AND A HALF later, they removed the broken armrest. We finally took flight.

Well, that little delay apparently messed up our landing for Chicago. So after circling forever, they landed us in Peoria...where we sat, and sat and sat. This was about 3 hours into the trip. Chris asked if we could get off the plane - we only had carry on's. The pilot who was not very nice ordered him back to his seat. We later found out that this was against the new policy of holding passengers on a grounded flight for more than an hour.

So anyway, over 4 or so hours late, we finally make it to Chicago. We then took the cab ride into the city (oh I should mention that the cab didn't have air conditioning! Oh my WORD!) and decided we were NOT flying back!

B was SO happy to get off that plane! Grammy and GrandDaddy had gotten him his first baseball and glove, and he put it right on his hand like he totally knew what he was doing:

Anyone who knows me knows that I.Love.To.Eat. And Chicago has some of the best food! I took a picture of the way they served tea in a restaurant in our hotel. That's simple syrup in the top:

A Chicago dog, that was freshly made:
And the best little sliders ever. They are made with short ribs! SOOOO GOOD!!!
More to come from our very interesting little trip soon!
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