Friday, June 18, 2010

New kinds of crazy...

Edited: I've gotten a ton of emails over the last month saying y'all can't comment anymore. I am pretty sure the problem is now fixed! Let me know if you still are having trouble!

Did anyone else get sucked into the three part Real Housewives of NYC reunion? Was that not a whole new kind of crazy - specifically Kelly?

I've watched every episode of every season of every housewives that there is. Sadly, I just admitted this to you. But the point of that declaration is to say that Kelly is a planet unto herself. I just don't understand her. "I wear fur but I support PETA." Really? Can someone explain how that works?

This was the first season that I actually really liked Alex. She seemed more...real? I don't know if that's the word I'm looking for but it's close enough. The same goes for Ramona; she was different in a good way this season.

Jill...well she's said a couple of times that she was attempting to be snarky like Bethenny. The thing is Bethenny isn't hateful, and Jill was. I think that's why the public opinion of her turned.

Luann, or as Simon calls her, Lulu, was also different this season. Sometimes I liked her, other times, not so much. And it seemed like she wore the same 3 outfits every time she filmed. I'm sure they were all nice and incredibly expensive, but hopefully next season she will mix it up a little bit.

Sonja...when the intro'ed her, I didn't like her. After that first episode however, I did. I think she came off pretentious but then you just realize that how she is is how she is and she doesn't mean any harm.

And finally, Bethenny is just Bethenny, and I've liked her since the first time she opened her mouth. Sometimes she crosses the line, but in general she is just hilarious.

So what did you think of this season of the RHoNYC? Who do you hope comes back next season? Personally I wouldn't shed a tear if Kelly left...!
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