Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FNO: Bowling Night

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Last Friday was Friday Night Out! YAY!

FNO is something our church does - usually 2 Friday's a month. When you go to small group on Wednesday nights you can get an FNO voucher for free childcare at the church on a designated night.

Last Friday a group of our friends decided to go bowling. Here's Chris, Chris, Jason & Matt:

And me, Melissa, Stacey & Sara:
The girls divided into one group and the guys in another but we had lanes right next to one another so we could all see who was winning! I did horrrrrrrible as usual but I had a lot of fun! One neat thing about the bowling alley we went to is that they actually let you eat right there - all of the other ones in our area make you stand behind the lanes to eat. And, this alley has REALLY good food. Sara and I decided to be bad and we ordered three appetizers as our meal! It was great!

My goofy husband insisted on holding a bowling ball in the pic. Oh well, at least it matched my shirt!
And on our way out, Jason and Chris decided to go play Dance, Dance Revolution. This is their warmup:
I love FNO!
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