Friday, April 1, 2011

Taking a Meal...

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Wednesday was a very busy day for us. Among other things I was making a meal (specifically, I made Rebekah's Honey Onion Chicken and Green Beans) for a brand new mom, who I'd never met. If you have a moment, can you pray for my new friend? We'll just call her "H." She's a new young mom who just had a baby girl on Friday and she is doing it all on her own. She loves her baby girl and is doing everything she can to raise her in a home filled with love, but as a first time, single mom she needs our prayers.

I wanted to help my friend Becky out by organizing a meal schedule for H, so I used a website that my friend Sara shared with me awhile ago.

If you are part of a small group or playgroup or maybe a MOPS group, and you take meals to new moms or to friends who've maybe had a surgery or an illness, I think you'll like this site. is a great way to organize volunteers who are bringing meals to someone.

It's really simple. Just log in, fill out the info of who the meals are for, when they would like them delivered and what take out options there are (that way if someone doesn't have time to cook or doesn't cook, there's an easier option). You can also list any food allergies that they might have. Then you just enter in your friends' email addresses and it sends them a link to the page. They can click on a date and sign up for a meal.

Super simple and so helpful!

And here are a few easy recipes that would be fun to take:

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