Monday, April 18, 2011

Touch a Truck event

On Saturday Chris and I took the boys to a local event called Touch a Truck. My friend Rebekah had tickets they weren't using and she let us have them. Thanks Rebekah!

It was a sunny day but it was pretty windy and cold so we didn't stay too long, but Brayden had a BLAST! He loves all kinds of big trucks and those are his favorite toys to play with.

They had firetrucks, ambulances, monster trucks, cement trucks and a whole range of big equipment. The kids can climb into everything and honk the horns, work the lights etc.

Brody missed out on most of it because it was so windy - I kept him in his carseat and in the stroller. But we had a really fun time, and I know we will go back again next year!
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