Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well, that was easier than I thought.

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Brayden is such an easy kid.

Seriously. I remember telling my parents how hard I thought he was as a baby and they would laugh at me and say "You don't know hard." Well, mom and dad if you are reading this you were right. You may want to print that off.

Anyway, Brayden is so easy. Brody, not so much, but the poor thing has been in pain with reflux for his whole 4 months of life, so I'm holding out hope that as he gets older and the reflux subsides, he will be easy to. Actually, I really do think he has a laid back personality, we just don't get to see it that much yet.

So, imagine my surprise last week when I hear knocking on a door. I go to our front door and no one is there. Now I'm confused. I called Chris to see if he was in the garage or something. Nope, still at work. Now I'm freaking out. Who is knocking on what door?!

I head upstairs to check on the boys - as it was naptime. The knocking is coming from Brayden's door. Oh, great. Yep, he did it. He climbed out of his crib. We had a discussion on why that wasn't okay. He said, "Sorry Mommy." That night he did fine - no break out attempts.

The next day at nap time, he got out again. I met him at the door and he said "Mommy, I not climb out!" Sorry son, you gave yourself away by meeting me at the door!

The next day...I hear him climb out. I might have been listening on the monitor. I run upstairs. Not only did he climb out but he heard me coming and used a toy to help himself BACK INTO THE CRIB!

That was the last straw. I decided to do something that I had NO plans on doing for awhile. That's right. I converted his crib into a toddler bed. Well, okay, I didn't exactly do it. I supervised while Chris did it. In fact, he took a picture of me supervising with my assistant:

And here's Brayden helping out:

I'd been putting this process off because I thought he would be up all the time playing but the whole toddler bed situation did not phase him one single bit. He gets in bed at naptime and bedtime and he goes to sleep. I did hear him playing yesterday but then he got back in his crib and took his nap. Like, seriously, no big deal.

Well, that was easier than I thought.

(And yes, we left his bumper in. He flails around a lot and I was worried he fall out, so I want to give him some time to get used to it. And further proof of how easy he is - this is him, sound asleep at 10:15am this morning. I literally had to wake him up!)

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