Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Dedication & Mother's Day

Yesterday was a special day for our family...Baby dedication day at our church!

Brayden has already been dedicated (see this post) so this was Brody's dedication. We still felt it was important for us all to go on stage together as a family unit for his dedication.

My friend (and our church's preschool director) Jill called our names and announced Brody:

And then our Pastor handed us a little first Bible for Brody with his name on it, and he prayed over all of the families who were dedicating children back to the Lord. After the dedication a couple from our church who are photographers met us outside to take professional pictures of the families who dedicated children. I can't wait to see those pictures! What a special gift!

After that we went out to eat - which was sort of a nightmare. Chris' cell phone was taken (we did manage to get it back) and the air conditioning in the restaurant must have been broken. We were all dying so we got our food to go and went home to eat it!

And, in keeping with tradition, here are the two miracles that make me a mom:

I hope everyone had a great mother's day - but I know for some of you it wasn't. Some have lost their own mothers or mother figures in the last year, some are struggling to become a mom. Please know you aren't forgotten and that you've been in my prayers and the prayers of many others!
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