Saturday, May 7, 2011

My favorite hobby

I loooove to read. I know I've talked about that before. And, I've even admitted a weakness for Twilight after ignoring it's presence for years.

So, the question for me was, what else is out there in that same genre?

I've spent the last few weeks using the Amazon gift cards I've earned through Swagbucks buying books for my Kindle app for iPad. Here are some of the ones I've read and what I think about them.

Let me start with my favorite. I literally just finished reading it about 15 minutes ago (I purchased it yesterday afternoon). It was really good. It just came out and it is book 1 in a trilogy, and by a brand new author named Veronica Roth. It's called Divergent and you can read the first 100 pages by clicking here. I stumbled across it by accident - actually a tweet I happened to catch on Twitter - and was intrigued by the fact that I could read the first 100 pages and see if I liked it. Obviously I loved it!

I had heard about the Evermore series and I ended up reading the first two books...but it was too slow for me (the first two are Evermore and Blue Moon). Parts of it seemed so obvious and it made me want to yell at the characters! It's one of those series were you feel like they are dragging it on just to make more money by selling extra and un-needed books.

I tried the Sookie Stackhouse novels next. Eh. Not my cup of tea. I only read the first two (of eleven) and then I gave up on those.

And finally, another trilogy (at least I think it is just going to be a trilogy) - the first 2 books are out right now. It's called Hush Hush and it's by Becca Fitzpatrick. The final book comes out October 4th.

What have you been reading?
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